Saturday, April 2, 2011

Support Tougher Penalties for Animal Cruelty and Neglect


The petition of the undersigned draw attention to the House of Assembly Tasmania;

1. The widely held support for reform of the law to specify greater penalties to be applied to a person who is convicted of animal neglect or cruelty offences;

2. The widely held support for reform of the law to specify the mandatory loss of entitlement to keep or care for animals to be applied to a person who is convicted of serious animal neglect or cruelty offences.

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Queensland Rabbit Fine Petition.

To:  Queensland Premier
In the state of Queensland, a law was passed to ban all pet rabbits. Any person found with a pet rabbit is fined $30,000 and the rabbit is confiscated & euthanased by Queensland law.

We the undersigned object to such fines being faced by responsible people who love their pet rabbits. The Queensland government should be promoting desexing, vaccination and registration of pets to encourage the public to be responsible with all animal care not promoting hate and misunderstanding of an innocent creature.

Domestic pet rabbits are not a threat to Queensland's environment. They cannot exist in the wild if let loose. They are prone to attack from many predators, will starve to death due to lack of food/water and would be under threat from released viruses.

We ask that the Queensland government review the $30,000 fine that responsible pet rabbit owners face if caught. Rabbits that are desexed, vaccinated and registered with councils should be exempt from fines and legally allowed to be kept in Queensland.

The Undersigned

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Monday, March 28, 2011

One Million Bunnies

Spot the real bunny. 

Help send one million bunnies to Canberra in support of the myxo vaccine to be made available to veterinarians for their pet bunny clients. 

Some points to consider (via the Myxomatosis Hotline):

Domestic rabbits don’t survive in the wild for these reasons:
* they are caught again by their owners or others
* they are too delicate and also need specific food and care to live
* reliant on humans for their food and water – can’t find water – if they find a dog’s water the dog would kill them
* dogs kill them
*  run over by cars
* die from lack of shelter and stress
* long haired breeds fur would knot up and stop them being able to move about thus they would die
In England the vaccinated domestic rabbits have no impact on the wild rabbit population who continue to die from the disease
*Wild rabbits have built up some immunity already and the Calicivirus is quicker and more effective as a culling virus
Domestic rabbits are currently allowed to have the Calicivirus vaccine but not the Myxomatosis vaccine!

You can find info on the campaign @ Radical Rabbit.

If you would like to then donate any bunnies you find in op shops or re-use centres, please get in contact with me as I can use them at stalls to further the cause.