Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Bunny Hunt 2011: 23,000 Rabbits Killed In New Zealand

Easter Bunny Hunt 2011

While some families were enjoying a nice meal together, or perhaps a peaceful church service, hunters in New Zealand killed over 23,000 bunnies over Easter weekend, NewsCore reports.
The 2011 Great Easter Bunny Hunt on New Zealand's South Island is billed as a charity event that rids farmland of an invasive pest, but some animal welfare groups see the event in an entirely different light.
Read more here and vote this a barbaric and cruel act in the poll.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Environmental campaigners angry as green laws labelled as red tape

All of Britain's 278 environment laws under review, including National Park, Clean Air and Climate Change Acts

Farms wildlife schemes boots hares population

Green laws such as the Wildlife and Countryside Act, which protects vulnerable species including the brown hare, are up for review. Photograph: Wildstock/PA
Environmental campaigners have condemned the coalition's inclusion of all of Britain's 278 environmental laws in a list of "red tape" regulations considered by the public for the axe.
The Wildlife and Countryside Act, National Park Act, Clean Air Act and the Climate Change Act are among the packages of environmental safeguards included in the "red tape challenge" – a crowdsourcing exercise launched by the government to establish which regulations restrict business in the UK.
All of the UK's more than 21,000 pieces of regulation are included on the government's website for an evaluation. Users are told only the issues of tax and national security are exempted. Participants are assured the "onus" will be on ministers to make the case for keeping a regulation recommended for cutting.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter Bunnies Looking for Love

RABBIT numbers at the RSPCA's Mornington animal shelter have hopped to holiday highs as Easter approaches.
As a result of the influx, one of the centre's volunteers has built a new rabbit-proof enclosure which allows the bunnies to socialise and stretch their legs. The RSPCA is looking to find each rabbit a new family. Read more here.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Hurled from a moving car, the rabbit who lived to hop again

Ebony rabbit Hull Animal Welfare Trust

IT IS a barbaric act of animal cruelty that has disgusted animal rescue staff.
Ebony the rabbit was hurled from a moving car window by an owner who did not want her anymore.
Astonishingly, the rabbit was not seriously injured.
However, it is an act which doesn't surprise staff at Hull Animal Welfare and one of several cases of dumped rabbits which has left the South Cave trust now overflowing with small animals.
Read full article, here.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Clover Moore: Bunny Thoughts at Easter

Live rabbits are often bought as gifts during Easter without consideration that they are a 10 year commitment and many end up abandoned or left alone in cages. Doggie Rescue, which has many homeless bunnies waiting for adoption, reports that up to 95 per cent of rabbits bought at Easter time do not live to see their first birthday, and has joined with Bunny Business to call on people to buy stuffed toys instead of real animals this Easter. I will continue to work to prevent impulse buying of pets this Parliament after the last Parliament opposed my Animals (Regulation of Sale) Bill.tic

Read the rest of her thoughts here.

Thank God for Clover Moore or who will rally for animals in Parliament?

Exposed: the British lab carrying out "needless" tests on live rabbits

Use of rabbits in tests (Pic:BUAV)

THEIR heads trapped in vices, these terrified rabbits are about to be subjected to agonising medical tests in a British laboratory.
As drugs are injected into their bodies, their eyes bulge and they frantically try to wriggle free.
By the time their ordeal is over some are so weak they have to be killed. The others are returned to their cages for a brief respite before the start of another round of tests.

Read full story here.

BUAV's campaign to end animal testing is here, and worth a look!

Sunday, April 17, 2011




Female/ Small Lop/3 months

Poppy is quite a snuggle-bum, and has been handled daily since birth by vet nurses and some very gentle kids. She has beautiful colouring known as chinchilla. Poppy's adoption fee includes desexing and vaccination. She would love to have a home for Easter! 

Adoption fee of $60 includes vaccination, desexing (when she is old enough) and vet care. 

She is currently residing at Seaforth Veterinary Hospital.


Female/ Flemish cross/ Adult 

Alice is a sweet girl who came to a vet clinic as a stray. She has been desexed and vaccinated, so is all ready to go to her new home for Easter! She would love a large, secure garden to play in, and a hutch for night time. Alice is quite sociable and is a bit puppy-like in personality. She will need time to get to know you, but if very affectionate and loves the vet nurses who care for her.

Alice's adoption fee is $80 including desexing, vaccination and her up to date vet care.