Saturday, May 14, 2011

Adoptable Bunny: Winifred

Small female rabbit, rescued from the pound by Sydney Pet Rescue and Adoption.

Winifred is a stunning angora bunny with soft fluffy fur that will need to be brushed regularly. She is calm, good with people and enjoys being petted. She is looking for a nice new family who can give her daily grooming, pats and love and preferably keep her indoors.

She is currently staying with Clare and Alex in Dulwich Hill.

To enquire about this beauty contact:

Friday, May 13, 2011

Child builds tiny cart for Joe the paraplegic bunny

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - When the O'Rourke family of Tucson found a couple of Easter-time bunnies in their back yard, they knew right away that something wasn't quite right.
There was a reason the mother rabbit abandoned them.  Paul O'Rourke realized one bunny they named Joe had no use of his hind legs.  Paul and his family helped nurse the bunnies back to health, but then they went one step further to help the paraplegic bunny.
Paul's son Liam designed and built a small cart for Joe to help him move around a little easier.  The red wagon with yellow wheels took some getting used to, but ultimately seemed to improve his mobility.
After Joe and his brother were feeling a bit better, the O'Rourke family took them to a wildlife rescue center.
Paul provided KGUN9 a home video they produced to document Joe the Tucson Easter bunny.
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Better run rabbit run: push to desex all pet bunnies

A Pittwater councillor is campaigning for all pet rabbits to be desexed prior to sale. Picture: ISABELLA LETTINI
A Pittwater councillor is campaigning for all pet rabbits to be desexed prior to sale. Picture: ISABELLA LETTINI
A NEW front has been opened on the war against rabbits.
Pittwater councillor Jacqui Townsend is lobbying to have every pet rabbit desexed before it is sold.
The move comes after accumulating annual costs to curb growing rabbit populations, which destroy hours of work by bush regeneration volunteers.
Cr Townsend will present a motion to Pittwater Council on Monday for the council to write to the State Government to seek the new regulations.
The motion will also ask for support from the body representing all NSW councils, the NSW Local Government Association, to help lobby the State Government for new regulations.
Frustrated bush regenerators, such as Cr Townsend, are behind the move, with hours spent on bush regeneration reduced to nil when rabbits eat their new plantings overnight.
“We spend hundreds of hours planting and watering, to return our bushland to a pristine condition, and the rabbits just go and eat all the plant tubestock,” Cr Townsend said.
“There need to be controls put in place, so hopefully Pittwater can lead the way in NSW, like we have on other issues, and push this on the agenda at the Local Government Association conference (in October).”
She said further discussions were needed to determine whether pet shops or the State Government should pay to desex the rabbits.
Read more and make a comment- Do you think all bunnies should be desexed?

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Female/ Breed Unknown/ Chinchilla coat/ Younger bun

Belle came to us from the pound where she was surrendered by her previous owners. I find it hard to know why someone would surrender such a gorgeous creature with such nice manners, such a pretty face and fluffy chinchilla coat! She has a mild temperament and is still a little shy at the moment. We think she'll come out of her shell to be a rascally but snuggley bunny.

She is residing with us in Dulwich Hill for now, but hopefully this soon to be cuddle bear will be someones new best friend.