Saturday, June 4, 2011

Bonding Bunnies

1. Desex both bunnies
Most bunnies would love a bunny friend, however, finding a perfect partner and bonding rabbits is not as simple as people think.  Rabbits are very territorial and aggressive when another bunny enters their home.  The best bondings are a desexed boy & a desexed girl and best if they pick out their own friend.  Bringing just any bunny home and introducing that bunny to yours will just end up in tears and trip to the vet when one of the bunnies gets hurt.
2. Let your bunny find their own friend
The best thing you can do (if your bun is desexed) is to take your bun along to a shelter for a "bunny date".  Your desexed bun is introduced to a number of desexed buns and they can equally agree who they find the nicest bun to live with.  The best place to do this in Melbourne (assuming you're in Melbourne) is the Australian Animal Protection Society in Keysborough where they have a fabulous bunny adoption program.
3. Bringing home a new bunny
Saying all that above, however, it doesn't mean smooth sailing even if your bunny finds a friend and all seems good at the shelter.  When you get home, it's still your bunny's territory so you need to change all towels, rugs and thoroughly clean out the litter tray (preferably get a new neutral tray that both can claim).  I find it better to re-introduce in the bathtub when you get home (with a towel on the bottom) so you can see how they go when home.  If they seem to be okay, you could put them together in a neutral zone with all neutral things and supervise.  If there's any chasing, humping or aggression, you'll need to keep them separated until they get used to each other.
4.  Introducing your buns safely
A barrier helps when you bring a new bunny into the home.  Swap each bun over into the other's territory so they can smell each other's zone and get used to each other without any close up contact.  Keep swapping them over every day & introduce in a neutral zone for a short time every day until they start to groom each other, snuggle & share food together.  By that stage, the buns are usually very happy together unsupervised.

From Boing Online - a great Melbourne based site for rescue buns. 

**In Sydney I recommend contacting Porsches Small Rescue.

Rupert and Evie need Desperate help!!!

MELB: Rupert and Evie's mum is moving to Queensland for her job- sadly there are no bunnies allowed there (they incur a huge fine and are put to sleep) so she has to leave them behind.

These very loved companions are adorable and follow each other around, Evie is very protective of Rupert and they are such a joy to watch together.

Rupert has some special needs to do with his teeth but just requires an injection each week- his mum is supplying 5 months worth for him. Besides that they are healthy and happy and come desexed and vaccinated.

They need urgent help and can be either adopted or fostered by a caring person who can make them part of the family indoors. Even if you are not in Melb, let us know if you can help.

You can contact me for more info on or Suzanne who is helping rehome them on:

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Belle is a calm, cuddly possum. She is a sophisticated blue-grey Chinchilla rabbit in her first years of life. Her previous owners surrendered her to the pound much to our shock as she is the most kindly mannered, sweet hearted girl with so much love to give. Put her on the grass outside and she'll express all her joys with binkies (literal jumps, leaps and flips which express extreme happiness) and will flop out, snuggled into her own fur when she is relaxing inside. She is very clean, litter trained and enjoys playing with her toys- we think shes a smart girl! She will cuddle with you on the couch or in bed and would make a beautiful companion.

Belle would like to find a home with people who can make her part of their family and that can give her daily cuddles and playtime. Can you give this special girl a second chance?

Belle comes desexed, vaccinated and is litter trained and very clean. She enjoys oxbow pellets and fresh oaten hay and fresh vegetables from her foster's garden :)

Leia came to the pound as a stray before she came to us. She has really come out of her shell to reveal a rascally but adorable bunny who needs lots of love and affection. Sit with Leia and she'll jump all over you, and sniff around your face, ears and if she can make it up onto your shoulders and onto your back she will! She has lots of energy for a girl whose endured some tough trials. Though curious and seemingly mischievous, she is very well behaved, litter trained and not very fussy. She is happy as long as someone is loving her. She'll give lots of attention to you in return and will amaze you with her funny quirks.

Leia would like to find a home where she is made part of the family and not confined to a small hutch or cage. She'd make a wonderful companion if someone could give her, her turn at a second chance.

Leia is desexed and vaccinated. She is litter trained and very clean too!! 

Contact to enquire about fostering of adopting Leia.