Monday, July 18, 2011

Turtle and Midnight's Second Chance: Can you help?

life before!

life now they are rescued!

Where Turtle and Midnight resided before being rescued by a very caring Mary! Turtle and Midnight have spent the last 12 months in a tiny cage by the side of the road, standing on 4cm of their own droppings and getting no play time. They have been terrorised by dogs and been given no care or love from anyone except the comfort they have given each other.

A kind woman, Mary, has rescued them and taken the scared little girls into her home. But she already has 2 rescue rabbits, other animals and ihas suffered illness. She has too much on her plate to take them in permanently but has done such a wonderful job so far.

Sydney Pet Rescue and Adoption are helping Mary come up with the funds to desex these beauties and vaccinate against the Calici Virus so they can be rehomed and have a second chance at a happy, healthy life.
We are also looking for anyone interested in fostering or adopting contact Clare: or 0405175511

You can donate here- even just 2 dollars so these guys have a better chance at forever happiness!

Thank you!

Please help make a difference for Turtle and Midnight

Dear friends,

Please check out my fundraising page:

I'm trying to make a difference for a great cause that is close to my heart.

I have created a fundraising page through GoFundraise to help support this cause and raise some much needed funds.

I would greatly appreciate your support by making a donation to through my web page. You can also leave personal messages and get involved yourself. 

Together we can make a difference.

Thank you for your help!