Other Little animals (3)

These animals are not in my care, this site is acting as a directory to those little ones in need. Please contact the rescue, pound or carer directly. But please let me know so I can follow their journey--> bunnybooksydney@hotmail.com

Updated 29.5.11

Little Rescue.

Mr Biggs.

Large Male Rat, about 7 months old

$10 adoption fee

Mr Biggs has been in rescue for quite a while now!
He is a LOVELY black capped, head spotted boy.
Very loving and curious and loves to be on and near you! Mr Biggs needs a loving home where he will be allowed plenty of out of cage time and lots of cuddles!

Would like to stay with his bestie Prince.

Australian Cavy Sanctuary

Picture of Jewel

Jewel is a beautiful small girl that is presently on pregnancy watch. She is really beautiful. She just loves to be patted and held. She is very young and would love to find a forever home when the time is right. If you would like to know more about her or are interesting in adopting her, please contact me.
0403 155 810 or Lyn on 9457 6679