Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Hush and Lou (UP FOR ADOPTION)

Hush and Lou are a lovely couple up for adoption with Sydney Pet Rescue and Adoption.

Hush and Lou are siblings and very loving towards each other. Their mum Winifred ended up at the pound on death row with a surprise tummy full of little ones. Winifred has given them an amazing start to life despite enduring so many challenges and now they are looking for their forever homes together. We'd like for them to go together so they will never have to be alone.

Hush is a fluffy chinchilla bunny who will need some help with her amazing coat!!! Hush is very lovely and has always looked after Lou licking him through their barrier (whilst undesexed) and staying close by. Hush is a clever bunny and can jump the highest out of everyone- even the adult buns! She is good for a pat and a cuddle but also loves an adventure in the garden, where placed she will do immediate binkies and run as fast as she can back and forth!

Lou is our only little boy out of the lot. He was the last to do everything (open his little eyes, come out of the nest) and is regarded as the baby. He has a gorgeous coat and looks adorable side by side with Hush. He is a very sweet boy and steals the hearts of all who meet him. He would like to stay with Hush forever but just needs a forever home for them to live.

These two are looking for a household who enjoy rabbits for rabbits- giving them freedom to run and jump and explore. They'd also like to be part of the family and give you as much love as they give each other. They are used to an indoor playpen where they use their litter box and can still do rabbity things like running and jumping. They also have the potential to be housetrained for a particular room or for the whole house!! Hush is too fluffy to live outdoors and bunnies are very susceptible to heat so this would not be advisable.

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