Saturday, March 19, 2011


Bean; the girl behind my love for rabbits

My mission is to the left however I think the main idea of this blog is being active. I think everyone knows that two heads are better than one- so even better, why not network with a group of people who share a uniting passion or cause.

We love bunnies- we probably fell in love with them after the first one charmed our pants off and we realised we didn't really know that much about them to begin with. They teach us whilst enchanting us.

There are many reasons why they make amazing pets- all with their own distinct personalities- intelligent, curious, mischievous and affectionate. Just like dogs and cats, they make loyal, rewarding companions that give as much as they take (or demand!).

It is a sad situation for many bunnies bred by humans for fur, lab testing, meat or a quick buck by backyard breeders and pet shops. Many end up the helpless victims of inhumane slaughter, torture, neglect or abandonment.

This group is for those lost souls because not all humans are cruel and there are many of us that believe animals should have rights, freedoms and second chances.

I haven't been doing this forever- I don't know all the answers but I'll do what I can because what else is there to do but keep trying?

You can contact me anytime: (I check my emails daily). There are so many ways to help (driving, fostering, donating, campaigning, sharing your thoughts, messages +stories...)

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