Sunday, April 3, 2011

Bunny Biz #2

This weeks hot topics.

Save Rabbit Runaway.

The Yarra Ranges Council ordered the closure of Rabbit Run-Away in December 2010, after refusing to grant a permit to allow them to continue operating the orphanage on their property in Stanley Street, Olinda.

Neighbours objections about extra traffic, limited parking in the street, the odour from the property, and black rabbits seen running loose in adjoining properties, led to the council's unanimous decision on the refusal of the permit.
These objections, which have been grossly exaggerated, falsified, not proven and poorly investigated by council officials, are the product of a small minority of uneducated, malicious, and slanderous troublemaking neighbours.

Follow their story here (website) and here (facebook). Please sign the petition to keep them open!!!


Foster carers, assistance with transport, updating websites and posting onto Gumtree etc needed for Sydney + NSW rescue groups and individuals. Please join (Kim Kearney Memorial) Pound Friends group to find out more. 

On some lighter notes:::

Scientists Discover Bones of a Giant Prehistoric Rabbit Nuralagus rex.


Chihuahua adopts Orphaned Bunnies left in Compost heap 

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