Sunday, June 19, 2011

Adopt Belle: Cuddliest and Most Astoundingly Talented at Binkies

Belle. Cuddliest bunny! Belle is waiting for her forever home- very patiently- she has had a lot of interest but it still gracing her rescuers with her warm and lovely presence. She wants a family who will take her on the couch to watch TV or give her a cuddle under the covers. She also dreams of a grassy backyard where she can do her daily acrobatics (leaps, twists and really fast runs) and have adventures! She likes to have the best of all worlds and she deserves it.

Belle was surrendered to the pound- in other words her owners didn't want her. That breaks our heart- who wouldn't want the cuddliest, best mannered, tidiest, most astoundingly talented jumping rabbit in their home? Not to mention sophisticated, dignified and silky to the touch! If you are interested in helping Belle, giving her a second chance or sponsoring her time in foster care then please e-mail or call Clare from Sydney Pet Rescue and Adoption on 0405175511

Belle is currently staying in a garden flat in Dulwich Hill, Sydney.

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