Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Diary of Winifred's Babes: Day 3

Here are they at 3 days old.

We can see fur growing and even their little bodies have grown in this short time! Their markings are coming out and we can see so far one really white one, one really dark one and the rest are speckled with two being quite hard to tell apart at this stage.

They are individuals already- 2 of them like to make lots of fuss, crawling over everyone and scratching the floor, trying to get the best spot amongst Mamma Winifred's fur. There is one really calm, quiet guy- one of the speckled ones whose quite accomodating to everyone.

Winifred is much calmer and happier for me to come and check her bubs- she has let me watch them drink her milk twice now which is unusual for both her personality and the prey instincts of rabbits in general.  And a great pleasure for me as the noises of baby bunnies suckling are really adorable. Winifred has been timid and flighty til now and today I could pat her whilst she ate.

All things are nice and furry in the bunny nook.


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