Sunday, July 10, 2011

Diary of Winifred's Babes: Week 5

The babies are now 5 weeks old and eating fresh greens, hay and oxbow young pellets. They are super happy and jumpy little guys with round tummies and so much fluff! I have had to give them all butt and tummy trims because its too long under there and gets matted!  Each day is a new joy watching them binky and dart around- I feel very very blessed. They are still drinking Mama Winifred's milk but it is a loud, squirming affair as they are getting so big now and find it hard to squeeze under there together! I bet Mama Winifred can't wait for that to be over- 3 weeks and she can go off to get desexed and get her body back to herself (besides all that cuddling!!) I love how close bunnies are to each other- most of my photos are inspired by walking by and seeing them in a new configuration of snuggley nap bliss.  Check out the latest pictures-my favourite being the baby bunny yawning!

Foster carer Clare from Sydney Pet Rescue and adoption. To put in an expression of interest for these bunnies, please e-mail We are looking for foster carers to foster a pair in about 5 weeks time.

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