Sunday, July 3, 2011

Why rabbits?

Why Rabbits? According to Oryctoichthyes blog.

You know, it seems like I’ve been asked this question a lot lately. Why did I choose pet rabbits? Why do I choose to help rescue rabbits? They’re a lot of work. They take up a lot of my time. People see them as “children’s pets”. You can get one for $15. Why not just get a dog or a cat? Yes, I’ve heard it all. If you’ve never had a pet rabbit (really had a pet rabbit – not one confined to an outdoor hutch), the answer is difficult to put into words.

I don’t know what it was at the moment I laid eyes on the bunny that was to become Zoie, my first rabbit. I was in a pet store, and there were all these cute baby bunnies running around. My eyes just locked in on him. I knew that he was mine. I don’t know why. There was just something about him. Some little girl asked the pet store worker if she could hold him, and I watched in agony. I was terrified that the little girl would take him home. He was MY rabbit!! Well, obviously the little girl didn’t take him. Yes, my first bunny was an impulse pet store purchase, which makes me cringe now, but Zoie is the one that started it all.

I muddled through learning proper rabbit care via the internet and a rabbit-savvy vet. I learned that Zoie’s cage was too small. I learned he needed to be neutered. I got a crash course in nursing a sick bunny. My poor Zoie was very acquainted with the vet. Despite everything he went through, his sweet, trusting spirit remained. He fought so hard through so many illnesses, and when he finally couldn’t fight any more, I was devastated.

All of my bunnies since Zoie have been rescues....

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