Friday, April 15, 2011

Animals Australia: Wildlife under threat from shooters in NSW

Under the new NSW Government, animals living in the wild may be under increased threat. The Government needs the backing of crossbenchers like the Shooters and Fishers party to ensure the passage of bills in the Upper House, and this party has some very disturbing issues on its 'wish list'.

Not only does the Shooters and Fishers party want a stop on establishing new national parks and marine parks -- it also wants to overturn the ban on duck shooting in NSW. And the list continues; the party wants hunters to be allowed to shoot introduced animals in NSW national parks, private hunting reserves to be created, and to introduce shooting as an approved school 'sport'! These demands not only put many animals' lives in immediate danger, it will also cost NSW tax payers millions of dollars in funding these cruel hobbies.

Some early signs indicate the O'Farrell Government may cave in to some of these demands. The new Minister for Primary Industries, Katrina Hodgkinson, has already suggested that she would allow more fishing in some marine park areas.

It is critical in this early stage of the new Government's term to ensure that they realise that people want animals protected from cruelty, including the unnecessary suffering caused by hunting. Please help urge the NSW Government to uphold and increase the protection of animals in the wild.


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