Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Bunny Biz #3

Our First Hoppy Ever After happened on 8th April 2011

Our first successful rehome since starting one month ago!

Wolfgang was a privately rescued bunny residing with 5 others who picked on him. He needed his own space and some one on one love and care.

Hans, who lost his dear bunny Pepe during surgery, needed a new friend and found Wolfgang through a BunnyBook Gumtree ad. So now Wolfgang (now Wolfgang Amadeus!) is snuggling with Hans on his couch with his partner and housemate and living a life of luxury.

Two great facebook groups for people who can help or need help:

Animal Foster Carers SocietyThis page is a place where animal foster carers from all walks of life can unite. You can share experiences, tips, information and special moments that you have with your foster companions. 

Australian Animal Rescue Transport- to connect fosters, shelters and rescues with people who can transport animals to their destinations and visa versa.

Hop the film (out in time for Easter [of course])

Animal rescue organizations across the country are bracing for their much-dreaded, annual Easter buying spree. This year, compounded by it being the Chinese Zodiac Year of the Rabbit, and of course, the popular new family movie, “Hop”, there is going to be an even larger upswing in impulse purchases. from here.

Lets try educate all our acquaintances that even though its Easter, Year of the Rabbit and movies such as Hop make bunnies seem cute and appealing- that a plush toy or cruelty free chocolate is a much better gift for these occasions and for children in general!

Or try to win this from Animals Australia:

For your chance to win simply pledge to Say 'NO' to animal testing by refusing to support companies that test on animals. When you sign the pledge we'll send you an e-mail with all the tips you need to shop cruelty-free!

More here.

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