Friday, April 15, 2011

Snowy eagles a possible target

There is concern wedge-tailed eagles are being targeted by property owners in the New South Wales High Country due to a perceived threat to stock.
Investigations are underway after one of the birds was put down when it was found caught in an illegal rabbit trap, south of Jindabyne.
The National Parks and Wildlife Service says there is a belief the eagles cause damage to stock.
The Regional Manager, Pam O'Brien, says this year's conditions may explain the approach.
"Unfortunately with this season, with all the long grass, eagles are doing it a bit tough," she said.
"It's a lot harder to locate rabbits in the grass.
"So, the rabbits are going really well, and the eagles aren't doing as well.
"This may be why people are targeting them."
Ms O'Brien says although the traps should not be used, she hopes the death was an accident.
But she says there is a possibility it was deliberate.
"Unfortunately, some people think these animals cause a lot of damage to stock," she said.
"We have research that indicates they don't.
"70 per cent their food is rabbits."

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