Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Fosters Carers Needed

"I should be the poster child for animal rights. I am slaughtered for my fur. I am slaughtered for my meat. I am factory farmed in rabbit mills. I am tortured by vivisectors in their ‘labs.’ I am the third most commonly ‘euthanized’ companion animal. I am hunted and snared. I am the object of blood sports. I am often cruelly abused. I am given as a live animal prize. I languish in pet stores. Why aren’t I?”

—Poster from RabbitWise, Inc., a rabbit advocacy organization.

It's coming up to Easter and us bunny lovers are worried about the influx that comes after bunnies given as gifts lose their novelty.

Shelters are full. Foster carers scarce. The general public uncaring. Who will look after these poor lost souls??

Please, if you are able to give some love to a bun that needs your help, contact me as soon as you can. or leave a comment with your contact details below and I will contact you to let you know the process. I am with Sydney Pet Rescue and Adoption, a registered not for profit with the WSPA.

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