Monday, April 11, 2011

Group in rabbit stew over heritage impact

THE Pittwater Natural Heritage Association is on a mission to ban rabbits being sold as pets.
The group has sent letters to pet shops from Manly to Avalon Beach, asking them to consider not selling rabbits and suggesting guinea pigs as an alternative pet.
It has also asked the Animal Welfare League to give away only desexed rabbits.
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  1. I'm not sure my comment worked on the website but here it is:

    The problem is not domestic rabbits- it is people. The case in Queensland has shown how much of a welfare issue banning domestic animals are.

    If breeding animals was banned we would not have a problem. Considering however there are so many domesticated rabbits already in existence what would we then do with them if there was to be a ban? We do not ban dogs and cats which pose a huge conservation threat themselves.

    We must respect that rabbits are adored pets for many people as well and have the right to live out their lives in good care.

    If breeding was banned and all rescues, shelters and welfare groups were put under a law that prohibited selling without being desexed we'd have no issue. Domestic bunnies do not survive in the wild and are not to be lumped into the same pest category as wild bunnies.

    I hope these people have done their research and spoken to all rescue groups in Sydney that deal with domestic bunnies to get the full story and insight into these issues.

  2. Caroline

    Posted on
    12 Apr 11 at 05:10pm
    Domestic rabbits are not the same as wild rabbits and if they escape or are dumped there is very, very little chance of them surviving long enough to breed or cause enviromental damage. Domestic rabbits to much less damage to the enviroment than domestic cats or dogs and yet no one would ever suggest banning them (nor should they be banned, instead people need to be more responsible when it comes to their companion animals)

    I agree with desexing and banning of rabbits in petshops but not because I want this beautiful companion animal banned. Desexing significantly reduces cancer risks in female rabbits and reduces hormonal behaviioural problems in both male and female rabbits. Not to mention that it will reduce the number of rabbits being dumped.

    I don't agree with the sale of any animal in petshops as it encourages impulse buys, this goes for all pets not just rabbits. I also don't think it is ethical to breed and sell rabbits (or other animals) when there are so many at shelters and pounds who need homes.

    Banning domestic rabbits will do nothing to reduce the wild population, all it will do is turn dedicated animal loves into criminals.


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